WWE Hell in a Cell 2018

Ready to Watch WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 Live Stream Online Free. Notwithstanding highlighting a large number of paramount minutes and matches, SummerSlam effectively set the phase for the fall season in WWE and, all the more particularly, WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 in September.


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WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 Live Stream

The occasion, which has been a staple on the WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 WWE pay-per-see date-book since 2009, has generally facilitated anything from one to three Hell in a Cell coordinates every year. WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 While the show would be in an ideal situation abrogated and have its namesake coordinate compose brought back infrequently as an uncommon occurring, it could at present turn out to be an energizing occasion with what is probably going to be on tap.

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SummerSlam just occurred August 19, yet a couple of matches have just been affirmed for the Hell in a Cell card. More matchups will be included the weeks ahead, WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 however a dominant part of the lineup is genuinely clear based off the latest round of WWE programming.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 Live Free

Two Hell in a Cell coordinates ordinarily occur, yet whatever is left of the compensation per-view ought to be uncommon too. WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 Both Raw and SmackDown Live have a lot of convincing storylines, and a notable Hell in a Cell occasion would be sufficient to snare fans through the following couple of months.

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There will undoubtedly be sessions that won’t turn out to be clear until the point when Hell in a Cell draws nearer, however meanwhile, WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 it’s proper to conjecture about the matches fans will see unfold on Sept. 16 in San Antonio.

Daniel Bryan and The Miz have had a standout amongst the most warmed competitions in WWE as of late. In spite of the fact that Miz rose triumphant from their conflict at SummerSlam, WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 it was through terrible means. Accordingly, Bryan won’t rest until the point when he gives his long-term adversary his comeuppance.

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Hell in a Cell 2018 Live Free

One night expelled from Money in the Bank in June, WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 Dolph Ziggler knocked off Seth Rollins in stunning style on Raw to catch the Intercontinental Championship. The two have exchanged the title forward and backward since, most as of late at SummerSlam, when Rollins recaptured the gold from The Showoff.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 The primary story in the SmackDown Live ladies’ division before SummerSlam was whether Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair could confide in each other regardless of being rivals at the occasion. They wound up thumping each other at any rate and kept nothing down in their quest for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

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In any event the SmackDown Women’s Championship coordinate at SummerSlam was genuinely focused. WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 Ronda Rousey versus Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Championship was the correct inverse. Despite the fact that Bliss figured out how to dodge Rousey’s offense at different focuses, she succumbed to Rowdy’s protected armbar inside a matter of minutes.

Fans knew making progress toward SummerSlam that AJ Styles versus Samoa Joe would be an unquestionable requirement see quarrel, WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 yet nobody knew about how far they would go to make things as close to home as could reasonably be expected.

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Very little is thought about the Universal Championship picture, yet following the stunning occasions that unfolded toward the finish of the latest version of Raw, Braun Strowman gives off an impression of being next in line for a shot at the tie.

Main Match Card

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Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella vs. The Miz and Maryse

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch (SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss (Raw Women’s Championship)

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe (WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match)

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman (Universal Championship Hell in a Cell Match)


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what is happening? Watch TNA Slammiversary 2018 Live. Everybody thanks to everybody who managed to join me in and this time around I did not come alone. TNA Slammiversary 2018 Stream, TNA Slammiversary 2018 Live Free. I brought in one of the great dudes from wrestling with wrestling. He is none other than Keith from the clock. Cleaner vodka. So go ahead. You have the floor. What’S happening, guys how’s everybody doing tonight, yo you ready to smoke about some Slammiversary 2018. Yes, I’m looking forward for that. Thank you, yeah, both of us wearing New Japan, shirts talking about impact dress.


TNA Slammiversary 2018 Live

Watch TNA Slammiversary 2018 Live

Yes, you know I totally original chair by the Buddha Club. You know I have never seen that t-shirt before when it comes down to wrestling so early cow. So let’s jump into the car stuff like that, so we got the first match of the evening. We got. That’S a blancher Mark, Slammiversary 2018 Henry’s, favorite wrestler. I know he’s heartbroken at this time, so my condolences to him and we are gon na dedicate this match to you. So it is gon na be Tessa Blanchard versus Ali. Who do you got winning on this match? Kid? Hmm! Well, I mean I think Tessa is due for a big win after losing mad to Madison Rayne a couple times. However, I don’t know if they’re gon na have her go over later on. I don’t know if they’re gon na draw this feud out, but I think Tessa should win this match.

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I have similar feelings: I’m spectin their sublime shirt to win this one by the way I’m gon na throw a little corpore over there. You. We know that Pape paper parts he was known as braixen Sauter. He joined Impact Wrestling wish. That leads us to this question. Do you see ally in the near you sure, jumping ship to world wrestling, entertainment and play ordered their? I don’t know man I mean with the speculation of an all-woman show. TNA Slammiversary 2018 I mean they’re talking about an all-woman’s pay-per-view coming up, anything’s possible.

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You know, I mean they’re, always trying to steal everybody. Yeah yeah Braxton was just a guest performance center. I think is that a trainer yeah yeah, so I mean they’re gon na try to take everybody. That’S the sad truth Slammiversary 2018. I’M I was trying to spec. You know explain some something like that to a wrestling fan. Our World Wrestling. Entertainment fan – and I told him hey, are you a fan of what you are a fan of and he told me hey? I am a fan of beer right and I told him: what’s your favorite beer, my favorite beer is Hanigan right.

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He, and I told me hey how would you feel if every single, like master brewer in the country went in and work only for Hanigan? Would you be that will would that benefit the beer industry, of course, not absolutely not yeah? That is the same stuff. That is happening with Pro Wrestling once you put it in those eyes, you those you remove yourself from the wrestling bubble and see it as an instrument as a car company or as a restaurant. Whatever you want to see it, you see how you know detrimental to the whole business, those type of crowd, that’s art.

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Absolutely I mean you talk about the big-money deals that WWE just signed, and I mean, what’s their point, to put on a good product. They’Ve already got the money in their hands; they they’re gon na be on TV. They got sponsors, there’s no competition. What’S the point for them to put their best product on, I see were wrestling entertainment as like. I know this was us I’ve termed. As you know, it’s kind of controversial due to the political nature of it. Slammiversary 2018 Do you remember a couple of years ago, when there was the bankers bailout right and when the the whole thing went down the you know they they excuse the explanation right for all the things that happened was that those banks are to be too big to fail Right that is the same way I see were dressing entertainment too big to fail, even if they’re right, the worst stuff that they could. You know imagine there’s no gon na be any type of change in the industry because they are too big to fail.

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That’S the same stuff that that’s the way that I see absolutely yeah so but yeah I mean it’s the thing I mean we have a Federation’s like New Japan Ring of Honor impact they’re, all giving you an extra place to go when you get tired of it And that’s kind of what we’ve done. I don’t know if you even watch WWE anymore. No, the last time yeah. I basically watch totally like a casual fan. If, like I go to you know, let me read spring that idea, I’m known around here as either two things us either a guitarist or as the wrestling guy. So I either when I go out, I either go to punk rock shows or to wrestling type of stuff. So all your song when, when when WrestleMania comes around, you know I go and hang around with my friends and we watched WrestleMania the same as you know: swarmers LAN or any of those like big pay-per-views, but ass off my own wheel. Like yeah, I got a to need to rock.

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No, I don’t do it, you know, I don’t do it anymore and by the way I used to be in a punk rock man, yeah yeah, Slammiversary 2018 yeah gon na send you out like a link in song. So some good since, since we’re on the topic of music here, so do you some some of your favorite punk rock bands, ask for now, like 2018, the best band the best pawn rock band. Slammiversary 2018 That will be sure I will our helm scream scream. I think I probably mispronounced that I won’t back that one bad our helm scream. That would be my the best band. That’S for the crap classical’s, I’m a more of no effects guy. I like more of their variety and stuff, like that. I’M also a big fan of ignite. Okay, that’s that the singer is excellent. How about you are you into power who the I am yeah, actually we’re music now like post-hardcore things like that, but I mean classic stuff. You know I was a big fan of AFI growing up anti-flag know effects all those the misfits bouncing Souls, yeah yeah you know make face.

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I you know that that band was you know so legendary and by the way I have thought about you’re, making a video later on just showing the influence of that band in wrestling because yeah, if you truly think about it, move the influence from from hey buck. The female wrestler to the guys from ope you have misfits tattoo he’ll, even moves. I even have picture witness rocking a a misfit t-shirt. That’S pretty awesome yeah! It was a big fan of misfits. So let’s not get psyched dragon all right. For one thing: it’s technically not off-topic, though alright so remember you made the video about the viewership and YouTube and stuff like that.

So do you think part of it could be just people being burnt out with Rock WB programming you’re watching five hours on TV. If you’re watching 205 live and NXT you’re watching two more hours so you’re already it’s seven hours of wrestling before we get to Thursday yeah yeah, I think it is more than anything is the interest. It is like a cycle. Just don’t panic. Just take a look at everything. Take a look at your own views when the ratings go down for impaired wrestling, it’s not likely that your views are gon na, go a little bit down unless everybody skips the show and they end up. You know watching reviews on the Internet what I saw it you know I saw many numbers and I’m being always attention to the analytics and that type of stuff, so people are obviously burn out too much wrestling bro. That’S you know.

That’S that’s way too much like yeah, seven hours of professional wrestling, that’s without recruiting tournaments and pay-per-views exactly shows so yeah with Smackdown moving to Friday next year. I would think that would help out impact right if we stay in the Thursday yeah. That’S what yeah! That should be, like III, think they should not move away from Thursday. This should be like set in stone Thursday night. It’S gon na be interesting, but let’s see, if you know, let’s see how they experiment with Smackdown on a Friday night. I think that might help in pearl wrestling, but it all depends and by the way, there’s one thing that I didn’t talk about on that video, because you know I don’t wan na be like a total asshole, but the TV audience is a little bit older.

You know the last time I saw the analytics for that, like the average viewer for Impa wrestling back in 2014 or 2013 right right at the end of the run on Spike TV, it was around like 53 years old, so why is it so old so that You know I don’t want something: they’re going to see 18 to 49 demographic or whatever it is yeah. There’S a lot of old dudes so watching in Paris in that and that used to be my measuring. Stick was used to be my father me. My father is around that age, so if I wouldn’t be watching TNA – and I saw that my father was paying attention – I know hey.

This stuff is getting over with this. This dude, who you know, he’s just a casual fan from that demographic of people who tuning in to him per se and what the record TV audience – and this is what I explained to to some people. Not everything have to be for us. I you know, I am happy with the product hell, I’m more than happy with what they are doing. Oh absolutely, what do they do if they want to spend? They need to gather a little bit for the older folks and there they’re gon na get behind people like moose or people like you know: Brian Kish, Brian yeah, and even you know, Scott Steiner, someone that you might show him to doing one or two move everything. Uh, you know, imagine that’s it.

You know someone that is have that familiarity with the audience that is, oh there, oh yeah, absolutely and that’s how you bring in some of the casual fans. That’S they brought yeah. So, let’s move on all right, one more thing, while we’re on that topic. Yes, so I remember, I don’t know a while back. You talked about the illegal streams. Now you can get the illegal streams before the show airs on pop TV, yeah yeah. I think that that has to do something as well yeah I broke I have seen. I have seen illegals live streams of interesting Thursday morning, yeah Thursday morning, right bro, that’s insane! That’S insane! And now, and you can you could, if someone would do the work and just you know close the circle, you will find out who’s posting that stuff.

It is it’s true that you can’t the the the frame rates and stuff is from the UK, and you see the the refreshing rates and the the announcements and stuff it is. The UK live stream or the one that goes from for Europe. So this should be one of the things that you know they should be looking for and they know about it. I did it about multiple times and there’s people that tweet them. You know the live stream and stuff in you know they haven’t figured out how to take them down when you know make this. This whole thing stop yeah, so yeah, let’s go for a second match all right. Yes, we got speaking of brain cake.

We got Brian Cage. Has this challenger versus Matt Sidell? Who do you got on this one? Oh man, I’m pretty sure we’re gon na be in for a Brian cage, victory we’re gon na call it the weapon act. I would like to see Matt Sidell hold that title longer. I am a big fan of Seidel, but I do think Cage is gon na walk away with that title unless we continue the Congo Kong thing, but I think that chapter is closed. For now it’s closed. So I am thinking about Brian Cage, winning the the belt. Why? Because I think he might be using the option C challenge you from the title and he’ll. I don’t know if they’re gon na be you know, given the option of you. Instead of opening that you know that briefcase so to speak, instead of doing that by Destination X, you can do that for Bound for Glory or hell.

They will, even you know, bring on the the Bound for Glory series, but as as the way that I see it, I think is Brian cash, and I think that does might be the the biggest match that they could book with the time that they have right. Now is Brian Cage pursue versus moose that might be the biggest like basic. You know heavyweight wrestling that they could put like at the top of the car. If you, you know we’re speaking about the you know, the fellas, the washers was washing for wrestling from front the TV and their and their home. That might be the biggest. You know, mash that they could do with what they have at this time around. Well, hell they’re, so they’re so desirable. Being you know, tour on in Paris and there’s a lot of people who are gon na be right, hey buting, on in Paris again you know they don’t have a roster that they burned to the ground.

That’S another stuff that they do better than you know any other TV wrestling promotion in in the US is that they always try to keep things fresh and you don’t see a repeat of match in the ground. Yeah yeah absolutely, and I mean that’s one thing: WWE is known for it’s just week after week, same old crap and it gets tiring and that’s that’s part of the reason kind of why I came over or I should say back over to impact because I started Watching when they were Sunday’s, and I was kind of drifting away from WWE – I stopped watching wrestling altogether for about ten years actually yeah. I came back around 2015 me and Matt.

Who runs the podcast with me. We were running a business at the time we found the network, so we started watching stuff. We got back into wrestling and then all of a sudden I was bored one Thursday night put on impact and I was kind of hooked again and it was just different characters, different just a different feel to the show from what I’m used to and it’s it’s. It’S needed, I’ve been an obvious, have been a early adopter of empower wrestling. I told my my ideas on the on the hill cos: there’s a episode like TNA 2006 and TNA 2007. So we you know, basically most of the guys from the hill cos are all cool fan.

So the basic you know aspect and how I became a in patran fan was I quit washing World Wrestling Entertainment around 2005 when they did like the angle with Eddie, Guerrero and Rey Mysterio for the custody, the custody yeah yeah. Then I was like I’m done with this and you know I I’m from here put the Rico, there’s always wrestling here. So what I say was the following: hey, I’m done with American Pro Wrestling when I’m gon na good. You know, watch the local stuff and I’m you know have fun with my friends and the people who go to those things until I heard about imperiling or being on Spike.

I already you know, what’s familiar with the impact zone, because there was like a promotion called xwf, then also used to wrestle in that place by the way, a promotion that got destroyed by Hogan. He imagine my Chuck so the also Dutchman tail was the Booker here. For so therefore I was familiar with the booking style. At that time. I was familiar with abyss. Abyss made his name here, you got, you know Judas Macias he’s like minimalist he’s from here he’s from my town, so I was you know. I knew some of the names that they were. You know big on in Paris, and so I was on earlier. Ah, the only time that I quit wrestling was when they gave the title to Matt Hardy yeah.

That time I I quit the promotion until I think when this guy I Rex he don’t chip. I I decided to hop in because I knew Aaron Rex from here. He used to wrestle here in Puerto Rico, to be attacked in wrestler, so he really gave him the share yeah he yo and he lost his love for red. You know when he, when he returned to impart wrestling – and this is not gon na – be like you know – trying to attack nobody for their weight because I’m a little bit chubby myself. But he gained a couple of pounds and he was looking soft and he was not trying that hard. Then even you know embarrassing give him like the gimmick that you wanted. You wanted to do.

The Liberace gimmick go ahead and do it and even try it and say hey, I don’t have the passion anymore. I need to move on so he did the right thing by by by moving on the the worst thing you can do. Is you know keep yourself in something that you don’t enjoy because you’re know I’m so lonely yeah? So he and I mean yeah. I had no, I was just gon na say when, when you lose your passion, it’s just shows you can tell in the ring and he’s everything like that yeah he lost, but it is what it is. So we both have on this one cage winning. Next, we got a house of hardcore mash, we got Eddie Edwards, the unhinge Eddie Edwards versus Tommy Dreamer. Who do you got on this one? So did you ever think we would see Eddie Edwards in this sort of capacity no ass heel and I saw unhinge field.

No, I was not expecting this. If you were to told me this about a year ago year and a half when you know Eddie Edwards was the clean-cut guy versus Lashley. I was a baby face. Yeah, we’ll tell you get the fuck here: Eddie Edgar’s, not gon na turn you to a lunatic. Why are you are on your mind? I mean that promo he cut this past week. It just seemed like somebody that just wasn’t right in the head and he nailed it yeah. He and he looks more comfortable with that. With this new steps, that’s his he’s giving it, and I won’t be surprised if this whole feud is being booked between Tommy Dreamer and big words, and that is the best stuff, yet that you can do because you’re doing your own thing, you’re feeling comfortable comfortable doing Your own stuff, it is not like somebody else, have an idea for you and you must do that.

No, that does not the work. You know. Artist works a work, it is the same thing as a musician. It is not the same stuff. You know to let a musician do their own thing, rather than you giving them what to play when to play it and how to record it. So that is one of the things that I added that I appreciate from this feud and also yeah go ahead. Now he’s going to say the just the transition from Sammi and Eddie Eddie and Tommy, it was flawless, I mean it just works so well. They just split apart and yeah yeah and there’s even there’s, there’s more room to to grow with Eddie Edwards as a hinge.

That is another stuff that they nail down on this one. Oh as for this one I have Eddie Edwards winning, I’m not seeing you know, Tommy Dreamer, winning on pay-per-view, and you know, Tommy Dreamer is hell doing doing his heyday used to do jobs all the time so he’s oh yeah Eddie is definitely going over here. Yeah. He will gladly do it for Eddie Edgar he’s a he’s, a good dude. You know, and you know, dude yeah. No, no! No! You finish up. Yeah he’s one of those unsung heroes from from the past.

I don’t know if you guys remember when he returned for a little bit for on TNA and they try to do the ac3, be a team basically, and he was one of those guys that try to you know put the promotion. You know trying to keep it together when, during all the turmoils and all the the wacky stuff that are there what happened, and there was a lot of it so much wacky, stuff, yeah boy. Well, I mean I, the the the stench of TNA or as people call, it is definitely starting to fade away yeah.

You know it all depends there, there’s people that didn’t like it. There’S people I like get it’s true, yeah. There’S I like that name, I’m not gon na lie. I I like that name TNA, even though you might have like a double meaning and blah blah, but you know it is what it is, but yeah yeah great, and I mean the fact that it’s Impact Wrestling presents impact it just it. I don’t know just it’s missing something right: it doesn’t sound good and ship, it should have moved it to explosion or something else yeah. I guess the the I let’s play like Archer booger. I think back in the good old days in 2011, when they’re first started using Impact Wrestling more and they stopped using TNA the that bran takes.

You had done an angle, TNA versus interesting, and you know then kill it, but they play for like 2011 to 2016 with that name, then you know my guy Jeff Jared, because I, like the guy a lot and I met him and he’s a good dude, but He you know he had the gfw name on his backyard he’s in somewhere, so he took that logo. Hey, I’m gon na put this on TNA we’re no longer DNA. Where Jeff dollars of that didn’t work. He you know falls into alcoholism. Then oh yeah Triple A that was a mess yeah and and then he returned.

You know that Danny / wrestling that name returned and we got new booger by the way it. It is kind of funny. Hearing that you know, Jeff Jarrett is now the Triple A champion once again, they’re yeah they’re, still promoting gfw shows I think they’re running somewhere like like a certain, not a circus, but something like that is that gon na, let it go no, I mean, but he’s Done so much for the company, so you know it’s it’s bright. I guess there’s paddles! You have to pick and choose yeah yeah he’s a good dude. If you ever were to meet him, you you guys enjoying time with him. He he no bro.

He he. He sound like a total cool dude bro. When I met him back in 2010, we ended up talking like five for like 45 minutes straight with of wrestling just you know he was just talking with me like a fan or anything I he didn’t know. You know anything about me. The only thing that he knew was that I was from Puerto Rico and I was deployed during that time and I was passing some of my deployment vacation washing Impa wrestling of the impact zone in Florida.

So, let’s move on next, we got a match that it’s missing one I wan na one of the guys, because he got hurt mlw, we got Johnny impact versus itch amore versus phoenix versus to be announced. Who do you got on this one? All right? Well, first, who do you want them to replace rich Swan with? If I have a choice – and I know there’s some people that you know hate this guy, but I don’t like this, this guy a lot Teddy Hart. That’S my dude that I will put on on this on this match.

Who would you put alright, you actually cut out at that point. I didn’t here Teddy Teddy Hart. Ah mr. Teddy Hart yeah, I would insert Trevor Lee. I really think they need to give him another go. They have good good roster, they could even put like that Desmond Xavier using refers to or DAC, and you are not gon na, lose the the flow of the match. Who do you gather no and one thing? Yeah go ahead, I just gon na say it seems like we are getting to a point where you know.

I guess back in the day, you’d have a lot more people, leaving where we’re getting an overcrowded roster, because I mean you think Eli Drake’s, on on the card, all the guys you listed, I mean it’s. Two hours is gon na, be tough to fill. All these guys each week, yeah they’re doing a good job, but with Oh with absolutely yeah, but I mean, like I said you know you build bigger more stars up. You’Re gon na have to find more time for them and I just don’t want to see people go by the wayside and get bitter, and you know how the whole process goes on this one. I got Johnny Johnny back.

I don’t think I think you know these people in Paris, Lee and I are in love with him na, so I think he’s the one waning. You know I mean for the time that Johnny’s been an impact he has. He has lost an awful lot this. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see him get the victory here, but I could also see them giving the victory to issue more a if they want to. You know fix the relationship with New Japan or something like that or or even a Phoenix, because he, you know, if you remember he was on the main event of last last pay-per-view so from the main event to being on. You know, on a random basic match.

There’S you know they might throw something at him by the way. I also you know, got the idea, how about Fantasma being the fourth guy. I would be very fine with that. I wish they would have done more with him. I mean they he what he was doing while he was in the company, was really good, but I feel like they could have gotten more out of him. The fan he’s reacted, really yeah and the same way with this guy Garza, yeah Garcia’s gon na I said I heard he was gon na debut with an XE soon as well yeah. So but those were is like they got ta streams, a stream or a lot of good wrestlers, but they didn’t.

You know you don’t have an idea for everyone, yeah right yeah, so there’s always gon na. Be that telling, as long as you don’t do them more harm than good eyes, don’t see a big problem. True yeah, though, let’s say like say like someone like Tyrus fire. Yes, there’s people that, like Tyrus, but I I see him like something that is too broken to be fixed. You cannot fix this guy into alleged minam and it doesn’t matter how big he is. It doesn’t matter if he’s on foxy he’s on what no you cannot fix the guy. He got the label of the dancing dinosaur, you’re, not a very frame, I’m sorry. He will always be remembered as that. Yes, so when you hurt your brand like that, there’s no saving in since in person don’t do wacky stuff.

You know you’re, not gon na hurt somebody who’s friend that much at the end of the day. So you know yeah, let’s move on. We got the mash that I think is gon na be the best match of the night. We got the Latin American Xchange lax versus the oh geez on this one. I got the original lax and I had expected to be a spectacle. I expect them to haze. Oh Santana going and doing a crazy spotlight on Bound for Glory. There’S gon na be a border to us. You know the jumping tackle. It’S got me insane so who do you got on this? One agree with you and say the oh geez, because now the tag titles aren’t on the line.

Here you give the oh jeez the victory, then you move on to them fighting for the tag titles and you can kind of further the feud yeah. Also, I’m wondering I got two questions. Maybe I could pick your brain on hey. Have you heard that Conan is back wrestling but not like on a full level right? I did hear that because I was originally thinking. This might be a six-man tag so that lead us to this question. Do you see Connor doing some, even if it is just something simple, some little wrestling with Eddie Kingston during this match? Oh, I think we could definitely get something and that could be something they could build in the future yeah and the other question about this match. Since diamante is gon na be there knew she was gon na come up yeah.

Do you see them bringing the say a female talent like Ivelisse Bellas, to fight against her, or do you see her turning on LAX in joining the og? I don’t know if I see her turning on, I could definitely see her being some sort of factor in the match. Though I mean we, there was rumors that she was injured. I mean do you know if yeah she was clear. She had like a knee injury, not that that was why she was. You know out of TV for for a while, but I think she’s clear so ya know she came back and she was wrestling again and then I think she heard again: oh yeah. No, I don’t know, wait a second, but I think that that could gon na be insane if they were able to put everybody like a faction versus faction, but also including female talent, bring even crazier yeah yeah can do it all here.

Yeah there’s a lot of room to grow with this with this feud and by the way so far have been good in dirt. You know miles, then you can still run with this, this stuff that they’re doing between LAX and the Yogi’s – and I mean that’s the thing with the whole card – is that they’ve done a good job. Building every match up, yeah, I’m not yeah, say when you watch you know. Other companies shows there’s matches that you’re not gon na be invested in there are bathroom break branches. I wouldn’t say any of these matches get that and, and even if is, if there is, you know, I will say one that I will be my beer beer.

You know I break, but it is not like some random stuff that I have already seen on TV right. That’S that’s the main difference. None of the matches that were seen. We saw it earlier like a full match on TV. No, so everything is French and that’s what I really liked what they did on impact last night with Tessa and Ali is neither of them were the legal competitors at any point. Together, they were wrestling you you are, you know you have that that each to wash them wrestle right because they were all getting up in each other’s business, and you know they wanted didn’t happen. Yeah next we got Pentagon.

Sarah miedo versus Sami Callihan hair versus mask who do you got on this one Sammy’s getting his head shaved, plain and simple, very simple. I I think Sammy is gon na. Take a L on this one. But, however – and I said this on the bodega, everybody was laughing, but it is the truth. You know Sami Callihan have a weird shape head. Okay, he got a weird shape head, so there’s gon na, be you know you know assigned to c1. He lost his hair. So well, he can just put the Hat on ears at most. Look like a total lunatic. That’Ll build more to his character.

Yes, but I’m expecting him to to take the El, I’m not expecting Pentagon jr. to off the math he’s involve on wan na, like a 4-way mask match for triple a triple mania, so obviously he’s not gon na lose that mask yeah he’s, I think, he’s with La Park, lopaka chant lopaka, a Fantasma, he’s also wrestling there. I think I might be missing someone and all four of them they have like mass and it’s gon na be a four-way mass versus mass versus mass versus mass smash. So I don’t see cool somebody’s. Getting mass yeah, so I don’t see them taking the mass from painting on jr. nice we’re not. We got you know: Kyle Kyle, favorite, wrestler, Madison Rayne is the got some effects head versus Sooyoung for, first of all, who do you got winning on this? One III think I think Sooyoung has to retain here I mean I don’t know Chris Madison’s also going for what the women of honors champion right there.

Yes, I mean with both belts, but I don’t see that happening. I don’t see any reason to take the title of a CEO. I first of all, I expecting this to be most likely the worst match of the night. Why? Because my son ring is gon na. Have you know a big match like how long like 12, most likely 12 hours before this one, and that is without including the jacket lack because she’s gon na you know travel all the way to Canada, so she’s gon na be beaten up? There’S you know she’s, not a superhuman superwoman or anything like that. So I expect this one to be the worst one off tonight and as as for the winner, I think it should be she’s so young. I I have zero zero zero miedo zero interest in seeing my son reign as the knockouts champion, especially as a babyface yeah. No absolutely, and I mean the work they’ve done just building this feud has been very good and they’ve invested so much into the soo young character.

I don’t see it stopping now yeah, I think so. Young, my son reign as a baby face is just not the person that should be. You know in this field kid I got a question. This is a question that is very important. Okay, those medicine ring. Look like a kindergarten teacher. Are those rumors by the trolls truth? Is that comparison true? Would you look at her and say hey? Oh, I see her. Not as I you know I fighter or rest. I see her ass. You know the teacher of my kids. Oh man, yeah yeah, but I never thought of that until you said something, she kind of looks like a little bit a little bit, yeah yeah, but it is what it is. I’M not saying something bad, I’m saying something good you you will. You know put your kids with that person.

That means that you somehow trust that person, but you don’t see here that I, your friend, oh no, no, no, especially with the character, so you know, but I would give Madison Rayne she’s done a good job selling everything in all the videos, they’ve shot and things Like yeah, they have done a lot of extra work, especially stuff outside of the ring that you know that type of stuff, but that’s very important and that’s what a lot of stuff is lacking and other promotions yeah it is. I was bracing on last night year’s show the little promo that they did where Ali on like stairs. Oh, it’s kara basic stuff. It is not complicated, but this a new flavor.

Why? Because you don’t see every single week, someone like justice, you know on the stairs to the gym. Oh no, absolutely that’s it! It doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist or anything like that. Just you know bring something new don’t beat the same stuff to the ground, so you didn’t have a backstage interview with the leash last night we didn’t get the GW and flashback yeah. They did different things. So that’s that yeah, that’s one advantage. Impact have absolutely yeah.

Yeah next we got the main main event of the evening. We got the Challenger moose versus the impact world champion Austin Aries. Who do you got on this one? Oh man, I think moose needs some work, he’s not up to that point. Yet Austin Aries has been doing a fantastic job, so I I think Aries has to hold the belt a little longer um. My thought is that D’Angelo is gon na somehow cause moose to lose, and it’s eventually going to lead to D’Angelo verse mus at Bound for Glory okay, so you got.

I also heard that that idea of of seeing you know D’Angelo turning on moose and getting Austin Aries. I swear for the victory. I don’t know about that that much I think it’ll probably be incidental, but then it will start to build up and become a feud. How how about he like Drake, would you see him show up just to mess around and be you know be once again on the four title scene I mean: there’s a possibility as to to interrupts over. You mean yeah yeah. I I think the thing with him in Joe Henry is gon na continue on. I think that whole thing’s gon na blow up okay, you see that that food go in going forward on this one believe it or not.

I might cut cut so some heat for this one. What I cannae a new champion, I see moose winning winning the belt and this one being his big coronation, but I’m not sure how long he’s gon na be champion because he’ll we saw that we Pentagon. They give the bell to Pentagon just to take it. I put it once again on Ares because he I think they see Ares as the more stable champion. So if they see ratings going dropping down, they don’t know, and they don’t you know, may not know about the guy and if that person is gon na be on the roster for a long time they’re.

You know trust Ares a little bit more, but I see moose winning this one. All right, man, you can you can you can think that yeah? I don’t think it’s this time. No, it’s easy, Ares winning yeah! It’S not! No! Okay! It’S not mr. impact! Yet, okay! So before I take on the chatroom, I got a question that is from from you kid and for the chatroom, do you see yeah? Let me Emily sorry about that. His reward, since we saw on the last pay-per-view they debuted of Tessa Blanchard on. Obviously the retention show during this pay-per-view. Do you see a de beauté earning per resting on Slammiversary 2018? I mean III was their debut of Tessa.

I mean I know we had rumors of that back in. I think it was Bound for Glory time. So that was a surprise, but I don’t know I don’t know if anybody’s gon na gon na show up. No, you don’t have someone I’ll list on your mind for a minute. I didn’t being right, not really really. So, if there’s something happening, it’s gon na cut. You off basically kind of yeah, I’m not expecting it, okay, so so that good, so embarrassing! You wan na you know, get a good reaction from kit and go ahead and do some type of debut you. You got the secret. The secret is out. So let me put the chatroom talk about the Saturn for a second. Before we go so we got cumin. Ninety five to his say: hey he got Eddie Edwards as the winner.

He got Johnny in Paris, the winner. He said that doll of Louie’s trying to monopolize everything. No, I don’t think so, not at all. I you know what I was talking about, that I don’t necessarily see them as doing that. Okay, you know they buy a lot of wrestlers, but I think is more than anything is their fan base. It is how I was being sarcastic, I don’t know, but but uh I see the main driver as the fans go go to any one of their. You know impact wrestling, you know Twitter or you know Instagram.

You see they like the comments hey when you’re gon na show up on delivery, help he’s working over there. You know let him do his thing. Oh yeah obsessed and even even like dirt sheets. Like interviews the first thing you hey, you get your you know doing an interview where I impact talent, respect that and respect that promotion and respect the decision for him to work over. There don’t be asking him: hey, hey, you may have the title boat winner, you’re gon na jump cheap to war, wrestling entertainment, oh hell, no, have some. You know some common decency and you know the dhobi.